Inventory Management is where the money is.

Inventory is the main investment, the main profit source, the main everyday control-problem of modern trade firms. Tougher competition and globalization puts pressure on the profit margin. A trade company that wants to sustain it's desired rate of growth needs to use scientific methods of inventory management.

The typical problem of today's tradefirms: deficits with excess stock and high transportation expenditures.

The automatic inventory management system SIMPLE-System solves this problem, what SIMPLE-System is:

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SIMPLE-System from Genobium: Inventory Management based on Scientific Methods.

SIMPLE-System from Genobium reduces inventory, deficits and order costs by automatic order generation for optimal stock purchases. The software package consists of several modules: demand forecasts, stock norms and assortment optimization, operative management and effectiveness evaluation. SIMPLE-System does more than inventory control, it is a management tool, and has several advantages over mere accounting or analytical software packages. >read more

Check out our demo-video of how it works.

We also have a DLL-version of SIMPLE-System for integrators. For more information, email