Supply chain management software SIMPLE-System.

All of us are committed to purchases, and we dislike it very much when something is absent on shelves, while the other commodities could be in abundance. But our software knows exactly: what, when and how much to order to suppliers. It boosts trade capital efficiency 1.7 times (in average) by means of reducing tied-up capital in stock, lost profit from risk of deficits and logistics related costs altogether.

What, when and how much to order - inventory management systemEffect from inventory management system installation

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Our software is based on a new principle and unique optimization model that considers: REVENUE on CAPITAL, MARGINS and VARIATION in full depth.

SIMPLE-System is:

SIMPLE-System from SIMPLE-System does more than inventory control, it is a management tool, and has several advantages over mere accounting or analytical software packages. >read more

The software simulates plan-graphs for planning and controls all trade and production system, also with capacity restrictions. It finds optimal reorder point and order quantities and manages all commodity flow in supply chain.

But the other packages in the market could only provide you with partial automation! It brings us back to old Excel practice of hand-made orders and to refusal of automation. Only new principle under stock automation and simulation capabilities allow to account ALL CONDITIONS, the result and effect could be CORRECTED, and the solution be RELIABLY introduced.

We have made "pivot" to SaaS-model (Software As A Service), the software is globally available for self-auditing of your inventory. The price is widely differenciated - from 500 Euro per month to 30.000 Euro for the "box" + project and after-sale support.

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We also have a DLL-version of SIMPLE-System for integrators. For more information, email