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Our Prices are very reasonable and very simple, besides, SIMPLE-System will have repayed itself in no time.

What do Genobiums producs have, what our competitors lack?

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These are the steps of SIMPLE-System implementation:

First there is a consulting session (in person, by phone, by ICQ, by e-mail) to get to know each other a little bit, and to discuss your needs and the opportunities that SIMPLE-System could offer you.

Then we will carry out a simulation experiment on your historical data, to show how things could have been better if you were using SIMPLE-System.

After this, when you decided to buy, SIMPLE-System gets emailed to you, and we send you the hardware key by regular mail. You install the software and put the hardware key in the COM port of the computer.

(The first two steps can also be skipped, if you like to have SIMPLE-System faster).

Initially we will assist you to get the best results of using SIMPLE-System by parallel processing your data, that is, the client and Genobium will work at the same time on the same client-supplied data on separated copies of SIMPLE-System.

In this way there will be common data to discuss, and Genobium will be able to support clients very efficiently in setting up SIMPLE-System, choosing the right parameters, correcting user mistakes.

Installation and getting started usually takes about 10 days.

SIMPLE-System's repaying period is often not more than 1 month.

To get started right away, email or call us.

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