Customer stories

About the company: it is the largest pharmaceutical company in the Ural region, it has an assortment of more than 5000 active positions. They have an extensive retail & wholesale network with several branches in different regions.

February 2004 - As I understood, the problem of inventory management automation is painful for many of us. The developers of the only (in my view) program, which satisfies the needs of logisticians, are located in Yaroslavl. Our organization (the Perm city-council) is very interested in the acquisition of such a system, therefore the idea appeared to combine the visit to the seminar "Inventory management" with meeting the representatives of SIMPLE-System and to see a live demonstration and the possibilities of the program.

I propose to those desiring to be introduced to this system, to get organized and to conduct a joint meeting in Moscow on the 27th of February with the representative of Genobium, the company behind SIMPLE-System.
I think, this will be interesting for many of us...

March 2004 - I have been meeting with Genobium.
Everything suited us perfectly, we will buy. Our opinion is a simple one: SIMPLE-System is fundamental...

We purchased SIMPLE-System, We begin the implementation...

With our assortment of approximately 5000 positions, SIMPLE-System has no problem.
Our warehouse reserves were lowered by 15% after only 2 weeks(!) of use, with 98% service level maintenance.

June 2004 - Results exceed all expectations. Originally we introducted the system to wholesale, naturally, there were certain errors, that lead to excess stock, but after 3 months everything was solved. Result: an increase of profit margin of 37%...

I can truly say that the problem of inventory control is solved at our firm, up to the very details.
Naturally, this was not attained immediately, but with some experimentation and the excellent support of Genobium it went better than expected.

September 2004 - Beginning in August we introduced SIMPLE-System to our retail pharmaceutical network. At that moment we already had experience from the SIMPLE-System working at wholesale, therefore the implementation went smoothly and successfully. Today the orders for 9 drugstores are processed. Sales increased with 28%, the profit margin increased by 22% in the retail network. Average stock was lowered by 30%.

November 2004 - 2 full months of using SIMPLE-System for the retail drugstores: profit grows, sales grow, it is pleasant to visit the stores and see all goods always present on the shelves.

We are using SIMPLE-System from Genobium now for half a year, and we are very content!

I think if similar software programs exist, their price is probably a couple of zeros longer and they will be considerably more complex to implement.
We have occupied ourselves with searching for a similar system for a long time, and we visited tens of seminars and presentations, as a result we selected SIMPLE-System from Genobium.