Scientific Inventory Management


The aim of SIMPLE-System is increasing the return on inventory by decreasing inventory, order costs and deficits.

SIMPLE-System uses the most accurate and innovative algorithms of inventory management theory and MRP-methods (Materials Requirement Planning). It fully accounts for the variable character of demand and the multilateral conditions of the supply-process.

SIMPLE-System uses a new model for the relations between external factors of a trade firm and return on investments, and new methods of determination of the optimal assortment and reorder points.

SIMPLE-System is an automatic management system and different from existing accounting and analytical software. SIMPLE-System is not limited by "post-mortal" analysis and retrospective statements about turnover, stock in days of supply, sales, margins, ROI or deficit items. On the contrary, SIMPLE-System calculates optimal inventory norms and control items giving you ready recommendations to fill your stock and to issue ready orders for all items.

Advantages of using SIMPLE-System

Genobium's SIMPLE-System has 2 main advantages:

The potential results of implementing SIMPLE-System are impressive

SIMPLE-System inventory management reduces costs, improves service level and increases revenue

Actual results and screenshots can be seen here.

Some potential results can be seen here: Simulated (possible) results proposed by SIMPLE-System.

Read also the Customer Stories.

How Genobium's SIMPLE-System is organized and works, the principles of SIMPLE-System's processing

(go here for a step by step account of SIMPLE-System use, showing screenshots)

step 1 – demand forecast

step 2 – uniting of data

step 3 – norms' calculation and operative inventory control

step 4 – effectiveness evaluation

Who should use SIMPLE-System?

SIMPLE-System is universal and can be applied in all companies that sell inventory mostly from stock with a few transit orders. This means, if your dynamics have a saw-like appearance you should use SIMPLE-system.

Technical features

The software is written in C. Right now it is offered as a client version. Because of the use of open technology it can be integrated with existing accounting software and different client-server technologies. In this case, it is possible to automate ordering from suppliers via Internet without user interaction.

Minimum requirements<

SIMPLE-system is a Windows-application, it needs a minimum processing power of a Pentium II or similar, and 64 Mb of RAM.

A traditional accounting program is needed to supply the data used by SIMPLE-System.

Remember that an inventory management system is not just a software program. Once installed it requires management support, user education and an understanding of the principles of inventory management.