Free Trial of SIMPLE-System

Using your own data.

You can send us your data, and we will return to you the results using Genobium's SIMPLE-System, free of charge, thus you can make an informed decision on buying and installing Genobium's SIMPLE-System. Watch this video of how to load YOUR database to SIMPLE-system.

After you have sent us your inventory dynamics data by email, we will send you the results as soon as possible, usually the same day (often in 20 minutes). The results you can expect are: actual and simulated inventory dynamics for your main positions, an effectiveness evaluation (actual, planned, simulated), ready "today order" and our experts' conclusion.

The simulation will allow you to appreciate the swiftness of SIMPLE-System, to evaluate and check the effect of using SIMPLE-System and to prepare your accounting software for integration with SIMPLE-System.

You can also use remote access to our software to process your data.

For this trial it is necessary to provide the following information about your inventory, and email it to

(download the example files)

Commodities (in text file Items.txt):
first line: Item_Id|Item_Name
next lines: your item identifier|your item name (repeated as many times as you have items)

Suppliers (in text file Suppliers.txt):
first line: Supplier_Id|Supplier_Name
next lines: your supplier identifier|your supplier name (repeated as many times as you have suppliers)

Inventory Moves (in text file Moves.txt):
first line: Date|Item_Id|Supplier_Id|Supply|Discharge|Supply_Total|Discharge_Total
next lines: date of a move|identifier of an item|identifier of a supplier|supplied quantity|discharged quantity|sum of a supply|sum of a discharge

Initial inventory quantities (in text file Quantities.txt):
first line: Date|Item_Id|Count
next lines: date|identifier of a commodity|quantity

Besides, you should supply us with information about mean, maximum lead time and the cost of delivery from suppliers (in text file Add.txt > Additional.txt)


incoming stock of 1500 pieces of item id-nr. 101 from supplier id-nr. 1 on August 10 in the amount of $4,000, is shown as:
10.08.04|101|1|1500 || 4000 |

If it is outgoing stock of 200 pieces of the same item id-nr. 101 on August 11 in amount of $600, it is shown as:
11.08.04|101 ||| 200 || 600

If it is an operation that influences only the inventory numbers (returns, inside transfers) and not the calculation of the average price, the estimation of sales, the number of arrivals, etc., then the sum field is not required: return of 3 items 101 to the supplier:
13.08.04|101 ||-3 ||| or 13.08.04|101 ||| 3 ||

SIMPLE-System should get the same inventory totals for all positions after importing all the operations, as they are in your accounting software.