Prices and Packages

of Genobium's SIMPLE-System

SIMPLE-System Standard

Price SIMPLE-System Standard: € 5.400 [1]
Upgrade from SIMPLE-System Lease & Own: € 5.400 minus 1/2 of the amount paid for SIMPLE-System Lease & Own.

SIMPLE-System Lease & Own

This package is identical to SIMPLE-System Standard, with the exception of payment and ownership. The client pre-pays for every month of use until the maximum amount is reached, in which case the client becomes owner of the software program. At any moment the sides can opt-out without any obligations.

Price SIMPLE-System Lease & Own: € 500 for every month of use, with possible appgrade to Standard or SIMPLE-lp version [1]

SIMPLE-lp (to process 20+ warehouses)

Price Simple-lp: € 8.600 (with 100 euro for additional warehouses above 20) [1]
Upgrade from SIMPLE-System Standard: € 4.000
Upgrade from SIMPLE-System Lease & Own: € 8.600 minus 1/2 of the amount paid for SIMPLE-System Lease & Own.


Price SIMPLE-CRM: free


Price SIMPLE-SRM: free


SIMPLE-integration - Integrating Genobium software with client`s accounting software.

  1. supply Genobium with the accounting dadabase
  2. it is technically possible to integrate

Price - SIMPLE-integration: from € 250[1]

Parnership inquiries from potential representatives, system integraters are welcome, email for details.

[1] All conversions to Euro are calculated with the TSBR [Cental Bank of the Russian Federation] rate at the date of payment.