The Solution for Logistic Providers.

Simple-lp is the SIMPLE-System solution for logistic providers, it is the extended version of SIMPLE-System that can handle multiple warehouses with lots of suppliers.

Simple-lp makes it possible to produce optimum orders for all suppliers and all stocks in all warehouses in one procedure.

Order generation can be done for one supplier, all suppliers, and all suppliers and all warehouses.

SIMPLE-lp stores separate parameters for each supplier: cost and time of delivery, deficit-correction parameter, position-filtration-marks for norm-calculation, percentage used for group A, B and C, minimal quantities for orders, and more. (In the case of SIMPLE-System these parameters are entered each time for each supplier.) In this way SIMPLE-lp is capable of generating orders for each supplier separately.

SIMPLE-lp realizes centralized optimal inventory control for all of your holdings. One copy of SIMPLE-lp can successfully substitute all SIMPLE-System copies used decentralized at various warehouses. This brings obvious savings, there is no need anymore for intermediaries and it simplifies or eliminates much of the administration and coordination problems of maintaining several warehouses. One implementation of SIMPLE-lp can substitute the labor of all decentralized logistical personnel of a holding. Control is located in one place by a collective of specialists, the recommendations of SIMPLE-lp are then more qualified than in a decentralized system.

SIMPLE-lp, like the SIMPLE-System, reduces inventories and deficits in each stockkeeping point, it will reduce the number of transports to each warehouse, it provides the ability to improve turnover for the branches that is valuable for the corporation as a whole. Stockkeeping points become more profitable and so they are more interested in collaboration with the (centralized) logistics provider.

There is a common information medium (with the ability of viewing inventory dynamics and demand forecasts for each position at every warehouse) for generating orders for each trade point. Having all the information about all inventories of the corporation at headquarters is especially important in seasonal demand fluctuation periods.

By providing effectiveness evaluation for stock, total order costs and service levels for each stockkeeping point, and for the holding as a whole, SIMPLE-lp offers a united approach for making high-level decisions on spreading resources, developing policies for better customer satisfaction, and logistics improvements for the holding and main distributor.

Technical characteristics of SIMPLE-lp

Optimization calculations for each supplier are made analogous to SIMPLE-System.

The file-transfer with remote warehouses is made using a package, containing files analogues to the files SIMPLE-System uses. Accounting software, installed at remote warehouses, automatically upload their file-packages to the main server and SIMPLE-lp.

Figure 1: Approximate scheme of file transfer
Genobium SIMPLE-lp Approximate scheme of file transfer

Interface and interaction with the user

There is no significant difference in the user-interface between SIMPLE-System and SIMPLE-lp. After the import procedure from the server there is a new field: WAREHOUSE. Other additional fields are found in SUPPIERS for entering parameters for each supplier of each warehouse: order costs and time of delivery, deficit level desired, minimal order and the rest.

In ABC you can choose what type of process to initiate: for a particular supplier, for all suppliers of a particular warehouse or for all suppliers of all warehouses.

The DYNAMICS, FORECASTS and ORDERS modules look the same as in SIMPLE-System but there appears a new field when the user makes a choice about what sort of result she wants.

The ORDERS module offers the possibility to check each supplier separately (they are grouped by warehouse) and to see what order recommendation SIMPLE-lp makes, without the necessity to process each one successively.

SIMPLE-lp processing limitations

There is a limit on the number of warehouses that can be processed in one procedure.

Go here for price information, and see the steps of SIMPLE-System implementation.

There is a discount if you upgrade to SIMPLE-lp from another Genobium product.